Radio Deseo 103.3 fm. is a house,
the house of words.

liberty that smells like liberty,
sincerity that smells of acid lemon,
madness that smells of rebellion


In a radio universe where there is everything to be had, from Christian stations, the cumbieras (traditional Latin American music), Catholic stations, ONGs, folk, Radio Deseo 103.3. FM was born a year ago to neither be like nor repeat the format of any of the others and, above all, not to be just one more spot on the dial. For this reason, Radio Deseo 103.3 FM did not seek to be a copy of the others but to be original.

We set out with the deliberate intention to not be what is known as a Means of Communication. Some prefer to call it a house of words in preference to being a media temple to the trivialization and stultifying of society.

To escape from the framework implied in “means of communication” is to operate outside that framework, which has been put in place and surrounds the social and political reality, a box that today is drowning us in the petty game of party politics.

In place of that box and those supposed priorities, we offer spaces for agenda analysis and cultural reflections that are not included in the fine arts but are, rather, a cultural expression of the most vital forces, the most profound and least innocuous of our society.

Music is an art that provides a combination of genres and proposals that create a reciprocal dialog, requiring only a high quality sound and expressing that fusion of ethics and aesthetics that is the intention of Radio Deseo, 103.3 FM.

A denouncement on Radio Deseo 103.3 FM is not the muffled weeping of one who suffers, but the full name of the irresponsible father and the violent man proclaimed four times a day and launched with such a festive and aggressive air that we become one with all the victims.

In a world where only the masculine word is valued, we have constructed a feminist radio with an ethical and fraternal alliance between men and women, an alliance made flesh by the co-directorship of Sergio Calero and Maria Galindo, where, as Serrat says “Every crazy person contributes with his subject and every one is everyone”.

We do not claim to be inter-cultural, nor pluralistic, impartial, learned, or even civilized. We sift words, consigning to a trunk those that have lost all their meaning. So, we find ourselves insatiably and savagely feeding on collective and personal sentiments and passions.

We aspire only to kindle your liberty with the fire of ours.

Thank you for being with us at 103.3 fm. We are one-year old and have batteries for more and more decades.